I often get asked how riders can get in the right mindset for competing or riding and hacking and what the best way to plan for an upcoming competition or ride is.

Our minds have such power over us and our mindset can really make or break our performance, which is why it is so important to have the correct mindset, before you put your foot in the stirrup.

The Virtual Coach downloads will get your mindset on side and focus your mind before you ride, hack or compete, ensuring that you have prepared yourself completely and can perform at your best.


The Virtual Coach Downloads

These downloads are designed to get you in the right mindset before a competition or before riding at home, so you can perform at your best.These recordings are to be used in the week commencing the competition as well as on the day of the competition. They will help you perform with confidence and have that winning edge.

The Riding at Home virtual coach is to be used all the time and again before you ride.

£15 per download

Kick on with Confidence and

Confidence is Easy When You Know How


Two courses that uncover your limiting beliefs and rewire your subconscious mind so that it can help you perform at your best.

Kick on with Confidence will help you regain your confidence so you can achieve your goals.

Confidence is easy when you know how

This is a truly life-changing experience that will impact all areas of your life and includes weekly hypnosis sessions to rewire your mind and delve into your mindset.

Join now and change your mindset forever

Change your life in weeks - don't let it take years

Hypnosis and Mediation Downloads

Audio Downloads

Take advantage of my FREE downloads as well as finding guided recordings to help you overcome your fears and build your confidence.

There are menopause and health related downloads here too.

These recordings have helped a lot of my clients on their journeys to regaining their confidence.


Really recommend the hacking confidence download Jeni has prepared. You just listen to it while you’re doing stuff or when you finally sit down in an evening and it helps you visualise and grow your confidence



I downloaded the Riding at home and hacking audio to gain confidence with my newly backed youngster. It has helped massively with my confidence and to stay relaxed around my horse. I listen to the audio before bed so it sets in my mind and I wake up the following day feeling positive about going to ride my horse. Thank you Jeni!

Jen Walker


Mindset in the Saddle

Committed to helping horse riders all over the world enjoy their horses again by rewiring and changing their mindset.

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