I often get asked how riders can get in the right mindset for competing or riding and hacking and what the best way to plan for an upcoming competition or ride is.

Our minds have such power over us and our mindset can really make or break our performance, which is why it is so important to have the correct mindset, before you put your foot in the stirrup.

The Virtual Coach downloads will get your mindset on side and focus your mind before you ride, hack or compete, ensuring that you have prepared yourself completely and can perform at your best.


The Virtual Cross Country Coach

Do you want to set off out of the starting box full of confidence and purpose? Knowing that your mindset is exactly where it needs to be. Excited and full of enthusiasm for the course ahead? Knowing you have prepared to the utmost of your abilities?


The Virtual Dressage Coach

Do you want to ride up the centre line calm, relaxed and focused?

Knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare?

Knowing you and your horse are ready? If the answer is YES then you are in the right place.

The Virtual Riding at Home and Hacking Coach

Whether you are riding at home in the arena or heading out for a hack, you need to be confident, calm and purposeful.

Looking forward to riding your horse and enjoying every moment.

Knowing that whatever you come across, you can cope with easily.

The Virtual Show Jumping Coach

Do you want to jump those show jumps confidently and calmly? Popping around them in a lovely rhythm? Feeling confident and calm and looking forward to being your best?


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