I often get asked how riders can get in the right mindset for competing or riding and hacking and what the best way to plan for an upcoming competition or ride is.

Our minds have such power over us and our mindset can really make or break our performance, which is why it is so important to have the correct mindset, before you put your foot in the stirrup.

These hypnosis recordings have been tried and tested, by myself and lots of clients, and have helped so so many people.


Rewiring Trauma Hypnosis Recording

Have you had a fall or a trauma and you have tried all the 'equine' methods to get over it? No matter how hard you try nothing seems to work.

If this is you then you are in need of some rewiring. This recording will help you do exactly that.

It is one of the things that turned my life around! This recording will rewire your mind and help you move on from any trauma you may have had so you can enjoy your riding.


Enjoy Your Competition!

Enjoy competing again. Listen to this recording in the run up to your competition. It can be listened to anytime of day or at bedtime.

This is a discount price as it is one I made for myself when I evented again after a four year break! It goes from arriving at your event to guiding you through course walks and then riding the courses.


Confident Riding Hypnosis Recording

I first made a recording like this to to help me with my younger horse. It worked so well I wanted to share with anyone else who might need a bit more confidence before they ride.

It's a guided hypnosis recording, so you just need to relax and follow my voice and then implement the exercises later.


Menopause Hot Flush Guided Hypnosis Recording

Menopause is a nightmare. Hot flushes are just one part of it that cause discomfort.

This tried and tested guided hypnosis, will give you the power to control your hot flushes whenever they start, and give you some relief from them.


Gastric Band Hypnosis

There are two recordings to help you loose weight and address any limiting beliefs you may have around food and weight. For best results use them in order. The Pre Gastric Band one is first and prepares your mind for the Gastric Band recording.


FREE Mindful Breathing Meditation

A lovely relaxing meditation concentrating on your breathing. My gift to you.

FREE Sleep Hypnosis

This is a FREE download for you. It's not perfect as I made it for myself but it has helped my friends and I so much that I wanted to share it with everyone! It is best used at LEAST once a day for the first week. I use mine before bedtime but you can do it at anytime during the day. I hope it helps you, Jeni xx

Myths about Hypnosis

As with any discipline, there are many misconceptions regarding the practice of hypnosis. The purpose of the following is to enlighten and educate regarding various misconceptions. The more information you have regarding these misconceptions, the easier it will be to understand hypnosis as a whole.

Myth 1 – “Hypnosis is Mind Control.”

Sadly, this first myth is one of the top prevailing misconceptions found regarding the field of hypnosis. Hypnosis is not mind control. In fact, you are completely in control of your own mind the entire time you are in a state of hypnosis. One cannot be hypnotized or controlled against their will. A person has to want to be hypnotized, have confidence in the hypnotherapist, be willing to accept suggestions, be free from fear and the need to be in control. It is your choice as to what you will and will not do. If at any time a person wants to come out of hypnosis, they need only open their eyes.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Each person who enters a state of hypnosis does so by their own choice and at their own direction. The purpose of the hypnotherapist is simply to guide the client during the hypnotherapeutic experience. One simple way to describe the role of a hypnotherapist is this: The client needs to hunt for something in their garage. The hypnotherapist is their flashlight. The client has control over where they go, how they get there, what they see and what they do. The hypnotherapist just provides the light for them to navigate by.

Myth 2 – “You are Asleep During Hypnosis.”

People associate hypnosis as a state of sleep for many reasons. One – people often look like they are asleep during hypnosis as their eyes are often closed, their breathing regular, and their body relaxed. Two – when people watch stage hypnosis shows and participants engage in the funny, crazy antics the audience assumes they must be sleeping as no one would engage in such behaviours awake. The truth, however, is you are completely awake while in a state of hypnosis. In truth, you are more awake in a state of hypnosis as you are hyper-aware of everything in the hypnotic state.

Myth 3 – “You Can Get ‘Stuck’ in Hypnosis.”

100% false. A person cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are in complete control over your hypnotic state. Should you desire to exit the hypnotic trance at any time, you are free to do so. Just like you end a daydream that you may find yourself in – you can also choose to end the hypnotic state. All that you need to do is open your eyes, and the state will end.

Myth 4 – “Only Weak-Willed People Can be Hypnotized.”

As hypnosis requires the ability to concentrate well, typically the best subjects are the more intelligent of the population. This myth plays into the myth that hypnosis is mind control and only those with a weak will can have their mind controlled. Again, this is false. Hypnosis is not mind control. Those who have great concentration make for better subjects, not those with a weak will. All the state requires is imagination and a willingness to cooperate/accept suggestions. Weak willed/minded or strong willed/minded, as long as you can understand the words the hypnotherapist is using and have a desire to change that is greater than your desire to not change, you can be hypnotized.

Myth 5 – “I Will Expose My Inner-Most Secrets.”

As previously mentioned, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so you are in complete control the entire time. This means a person in hypnosis will not say anything while in a state of hypnosis they do not wish to say. They will also not see or experience anything they are not ready to deal with or work on. If it comes up – they’re ready.

Myth 6 – “I Won’t Remember the Session.”

Again, since hypnosis is not sleep you have the ability to remember everything said and done in the hypnotic state. Client’s often feel more comfortable once they know they will remember what happens during a session. Since it is a heightened state of awareness, you are fully involved in the entire process and remember everything. If it is a genuine fear, I will give you the suggestion at the end of the session to remember the entire thing.

Myth 7 – “I will lose all control and could be made to do something I’m not comfortable with.”

You cannot go against your morals or ethics in hypnosis. The “Manchurian Candidate” is not reality. You have the power to accept only the suggestions you wish within your moral compass. Any suggestions that would cause a question in moral actions would immediately bring in the conscious mind and lessen (if not destroy) the depth of hypnosis you are in. The ego never fully dissociates during hypnosis. Since it is present, listening in the background, you would never act outside of your morals or code of ethics. Stage hypnotists jobs are to make the audience laugh. Those who volunteer to participate also want the same thing. Because they want what the stage hypnotist is suggesting, they follow him. Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis. The two are very different with very different training and purpose.


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